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House League Divisions and Gameplay


The following programs will be offered for the 2019/2020 season. If you have any questions please email the appropriate Division Convenor (contact info below).

Registration Opens: May 15

Season begins: late September

Season ends: early April

Limited-time registration fee for players new to girls hockey

The Stouffville Markham Girls Hockey Association has long history in the community of Markham offering girls the opportunity to play hockey. We realize that the cost of hockey can sometimes present a barrier for parents of new players who haven’t yet had the opportunity to experience girls hockey.

To encourage more girls to try hockey for the first time (or to move over from a boys hockey association), we are offering a limited-time registration rate of $199 for house league players who are new to girls hockey. This rate will be available until July 1, 2019, and covers the house league registration fee for the full 2019-2020 season. After July 1, registration fees will return to the regular full season rates posted on

Fine print

  • Players must reside in the Markham-Stouffville catchment area. Please contact our registrar if you aren’t sure if your address is included in Markham-Stouffville.
  • This must be the player’s first year of girls hockey, and it only applies to players entering one of our house league divisions (Initiation, Novice, Atom, PeeWee, Bantam and Midget).
    • Girls who played previously in a different girls hockey association are not eligible for this promotional fee.
    • Girls who played previously in a boys hockey association are eligible.
    • Rep players are not eligible.
  • House league players who wish to also play on a DS (Select) team will still be responsible for paying the full DS registration fee.
  • The Stouffville Markham Girls Hockey Executive reserves the right to make any final determinations of player eligibility for this promotional fee. The Stouffville Markham Girls Hockey Association also reserves the right to revoke this offer at any time.
  • The registration fee must be paid in full at the time of player registration.

Initiation Program 2013-2014 (age 5-6)

The Initiation Programs is a progressive, learn-to-play teaching curriculum. Players learn though participating in practice drills and informal cross-ice games featuring lighter pucks (4oz blue) and smaller nets (3’ x 4’ or smaller). The Initiation Program introduces the skills of skating, passing, puck control, and shooting in a progressive, one-step-at-a-time manner.


The focus for Hockey Canada’s Initiation program is on skill development and FUN without the pressure of winning. At this age, there are no referees, no playoffs, no goalies and no score keeping.

-        Cost: $450 ($425 early bird if registering before July 1)

-        Approx. 35 on-ice sessions

-        Ice-time every Saturday (12 pm Angus Glen) and Alternating Sunday Mornings 9:00 Stouffville

-        Arena

-        There will be two “teams” of initiation-age players

-        On-ice sessions will include small ice activities, fun skills development and cross-ice games with no goalies (boards-to-boards)


Register for the Initiation Program- Special Discounts for brand new players @ $199

Convenor: Pete Morra ([email protected], 647-407-6724)



Novice 2011-2012 (age 7-8) - New player discounts @ $199

The evolution of a player from the Initiation Program to novice hockey involves a change in the landscape of game play, but the emphasis on skill development remains the core focus.


In accordance with the Hockey Canada development program, and new for the 2018-2019 season, players will transition from half-ice games in the first part of the season to full-ice games in the second part of the season.

-        Cost: $450 ($425 early bird if registering before July 1)

-        Ice-time every Saturday (1:00 pm or 2:00 pm Angus Glen) and Alternating Sunday Mornings 9:00 or 10:00 am Stouffville Arena

-        Players will be evaluated at the beginning of the season during three skills sessions and then placed on teams to ensure balanced teams (12-16 players per team)

-        Season breakdown (approximate):

o   3-5 development/power-skating sessions

o   10 practices

o   10 half-ice games (first half of season): 3-on-3/4-on-4, no score keeping, players change shifts on the buzzer

o   10+ full-ice games (second half of season): 5-on-5 with score keeping and playoffs

-        Novice Select teams are no longer permitted by OWHA.


Register for Novice

Convenor: Pete Morra ([email protected], 647-407-6724)



Atom  2009-2010 (age 9-10) - new player discount @ $199

$450 ($425 early bird if registering before July 1)

Games are Saturdays at Angus Glen Arena 3:00 pm, 4:00 pm. Atom HL practices will be alternate Sundays.

Peewee 2007-2008 (age 11-12) - new player discount @ $199

$450 ($425 early bird if registering before July 1)

Games are Saturdays at Angus Glen Arena 5:00 pm, 6:00 pm. Practices will be on Alternate Sundays @ Stouffville Arena

Bantam/Midget 2002-2006 (age 13-18 ) - new player discount @$199

$425 ($400 early bird if registering before July 1) Games are Monday Nights at 8:00, 9:00 at Stouffville Arena. Practice time monthly


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