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Congratulations. You want to become a Ref. 

Officials perform a vital role in the game at all levels are the third team on the ice, without whom the game would not happen. The Hockey Canada Officiating Program is for anyone interested in officiating the game of hockey, from beginners to seasoned veterans. There are six levels in the Officiating program, from those looking to get started to the top tier of officials.

Ref’s are independent workers. You need to pass an Exam every year. You can take this Exam at any clinic. Once you pass the Exam you need to reach out to Associations to see if they need more Officials at your age and experience level.  Markham-Stouffville  residents.  I go on the ice with the new officials for the first few times out there to help them with their positioning and to help build their confidence.  You will then be gradually moved into more challenging games based on how well you are doing and the need. Refs are supervised by Senior Officials throughout the year. 

Age and Division you are able to Ref.

·      Age 14:  Level 1 House League U9,U11

·      Age 15:  Level 1 House League U9,U11,U13

·      Age 16:  Level 2 House League + Rep hockey  for U9,U11,U13

·      Age 17:  Level 2 House League + Rep hockey  for U9, U11, U13, U15. Learn how to be a linesman in a 3 Ref system

·      Age 18+: Level 2 House League + Rep hockey for All Levels as a 2 Ref or a linesman for a 3 Ref system

·      Level 3 you were invited to a Level 3 clinic. You can Band all levels. No AA for the first year

 Required Equipment:

·      Ref Jersey (not the NHL version with the Black underarm)

·      Neck Guard ( can wear the CCM BNQ shirt with neck guard built in)

·      Black track pants for House League (Ref pants when you start doing Rep Hockey)

·      Elbow pads

·      Shin Guards

·      Helmet with a Half Visor ( On a second helmet from your regular helmet is easier)

·      Whistle

·      All White Skate Laces