Ref Corner (Stouffville-Markham Girls Hockey)

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Sign up online at    OWHA.ON.CA. (Officials tab).


A 3 Referee system. The Ref with the Red arm Bands (Level 3 or higher) is the only one who can call everything (Penalties, Offsides, Icings etc) The other 2 Officials can only call Offsides and Icings. If they see a Major Penalty (5 min) they can tell the Head Official and he can then call it or not call it at his discretion. They can't call any minor penalties no matter what.

Brand New Level 3 Officials can only Band(wear the Red Arm Bands) at Level A or BB for the first year. Second year they can Band AA level.

A 2 Ref system both Refs (Level 2, 3 or higher)  can call everything (Penalties, Offsides, Icings etc). You can have 2 Officials that are Level 3 or higher, they just don't wear the Red Arm Bands in a 2 Official system

The group started with 27 fans at the inaugural event in 2017, but has grown considerably since then. They had 120 fans in 2018, 340 in 2019, and the goal for 2020 was to get over 600 fans to celebrate the refs.

We’re not exactly sure how many people showed up, but they filled most of two sections of the arena. It looked like a fun party, as the group cheered every penalty, offside, icing, and “really anytime those glorious zebras blow their whistles.”