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HCR 3.0: Registering for courses
HCR 3.0 (also known as Spordle) is Hockey Canada’s universal platform for managing all team staff course registrations. You must have an HCR 3.0 account to register for any OWHA courses.

Create a profile on HCR 3.0

  1. For new and existing team staff members. Visit the HRC 3.0 website and create a new account.
  2. In your account, go to "My Account."
  3.  On the 'Dashboard' page, select "Link Member." You will now be able to look up your eHockey profile via your name & birthday, or your HCR number.
  4.  Once you find your account, complete the "Link Member" process and you will now see all of the hockey credentials that were previously listed in the eHockey profile.
  5.  Register for Courses

Register for courses on HRC 3.0

  1. Visit the Clinic Registration Page.
  2.  In the Find Your Clinic drop-downs near the top of the page, enter "Ontario Hockey Federation" in the box on the left, and "Ontario Women's Hockey Association" in the box on the right.
  3.  You will then see the courses that are available for OWHA team staff. If your course has prerequisites, you will need to complete the prerequisites before you can register for your course. 

Questions or issues?

What do I do if my HCR/Spordle account is associated with a different association?

  1. Send an email to  [email protected]
  2. Ask them to share the courses you want to take with your account
  3. Please include this information in your email:     
    •   Full Name
    •  Date of Birth
    • HCR #
    • Association you will be working with: Stouffville Markham Girls Hockey Association

How do I get a Hockey Canada # if I don’t have one?

Complete the ‘Respect in Sport – Activity Leader’ course first (using your name, not your player's name). Upon completion, a Hockey Canada ID should be generated.

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