Curfew (Stouffville-Markham Girls Hockey)

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Curfew Rules


In the past month or so we have had a fair number of complaints about curfews and teams asking the LLFHL to do something about them. Ice time is negotiated strictly between Associations and their City or Town Recreational Department. Often this means that Associations are hamstrung by the amount of ice they are able to purchase. Aside from dictating that there will be no curfews and completely destroying some Associations, there is nothing that the LLFHL can do to alleviate the problem. However, if we continue to see teams that are abusing & manipulating curfews to win rather than letting the players determine the outcome on the ice, that is exactly what we will see about doing. Until then here are the curfew facts:

1. Curfews are a fact of life in almost all arenas in the province and the US. They have to be when the cost of ice keeps escalating and associations are fighting for time.

2. An ice hour is considered 50 minutes of usable time and 10 minutes to flood.

3. Curfews must be initialed by each team as per Rule #17 4c):


The curfew notice must have either a NO CURFEW notation or a specified curfew time. Whether the curfew notice reads NO CURFEW or has a specified time, a rostered member of the Coaching Staff of both teams is required to initial next to the curfew notice prior to the start of the game. If a team does not initial to acknowledge the curfew, they forfeit all rights to protest the game based on curfew.

4. Before signing the game sheet, if there is no clock in the arena to set the curfew time by, decide between two teams what device will be the “master” clock. Scorekeepers cellphone, a manager’s cell phone etc. Both teams must agree. And, if floods are late and the game start is delayed, make sure both teams agree on a new curfew time and re-initial.

5. Associations should be negotiating contingency plans to deal with issues like late floods, equipment issues etc with arenas. Make sure that if they make you wait, you get that time back at the end. If not, you can complain to the City because arenas should be trying to accommodate you, as a paying customer, as well as any other business. It is the Home Teams responsibility to make sure that you have the correct amount of time for your game, and if the arena does not accommodate you, complain. It is not fair for teams to drive any amount of time to play less than a full game.

6. BUT, Visitors, you must remember that it is not the Home Teams fault if there are mechanical issues at any arena, and no one plans for players to be injured.


Hockey is supposed to be a fun activity that builds teams, friendships and physical fitness. Please remember these goals and adhere to them.

Yours in Girls Hockey,

Bernice Grasley

LLFHL President