Curfew (Stouffville-Markham Girls Hockey)

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Curfew Rules

Section 16 – Curfews

1. All League games must start at their designated starting times. Curfews will be allowed for all regular

season games.

2. Prior to the start of the game, the home team will communicate with the visiting team if there is a

curfew to be put in place or not.

3. If curfews are to be placed, it must be approved by both teams prior to the start of the game.

4. All League games shall consist of three (3) stop time periods as designated for that division. (Refer to

Section 12 – Game Lengths)

5. A two (2) minute warm up will start each game.

6. All games are STOP time. Running time is not allowed and, if used, will result in the game being

replayed if the visiting team loses the game.

7. All Regular season games played under OWHL jurisdiction must have a curfew notice if in effect.

When a team creates a game through the RAMP Game Portal, after all the game details are entered, in

the NOTES box, please enter the Curfew information. This information will show on the RAMP

Gamesheet APP.

in the game details just above the game codes.

a) If the game is played in an arena with no curfew, the notification will read “NO

CURFEW”. The game must be played in its entirety.

b) In arenas where there is a curfew, the notification will state “CURFEW and a specified

time of day” (e.g., CURFEW 10:20 p.m.). The game must stop at the specified time.

c) The curfew notice must have either a NO CURFEW notation or a specified curfew time.

Whether the curfew notice reads NO CURFEW or has a specified time, a rostered

member of the Coaching Staff of both teams is required to be notified prior to the start

of the game.

d) All game officials (referee(s) & timekeepers) must be notified of the curfew as well. They

will be able to see this information via the RAMP Game sheet app on the game details


e) Failure to follow any of Rule 5, subsections a) through d) could result in a forfeit of the

game by the home team should the game be protested. If, in the sole judgement of the

OWHA and its Protest Committee, the result of the game was not affected by the

breaking of Curfew rule, the protest can be dismissed. The league does retain the right

to fine the home team a maximum of $200 in the event the home team does not follow

the provisions of Section 17.

f) The actual start time of the game is to be recorded on the game sheet by the

timekeeper. For the purpose of the time of day, the arena clock will be the official time

piece. In the case of no time-of-day clock being present, the referee(s) will designate,

prior to the start of the game, what the official time piece will be and advise both

coaches of such a decision.

g) It will be the responsibility of the timekeeper to sound the end of game horn when the

official time piece reaches the designated curfew time, and the game will be considered

over at that point. Under no circumstances is the game to continue past the designated

curfew time.

8. Games that must be curfewed due to a serious injury that requires medical assistance to be called or

due to a serious mechanical equipment failure in the arena that makes playing dangerous or impossible

are permitted to be ended even if the game sheet says no curfew.11 OWHL – Rules and Regulations (updated – Aug 23, 2023) | 2023-2024

9. Any regular season game curfewed after the start of the third period will be considered a complete

game at the point of curfew. Any regular season game curfewed before the start of the third period will

be considered to have been cancelled within the rules and without penalty and will be required to be


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