Tryout Schedule (Stouffville-Markham Girls Hockey)

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Recent & Upcoming Tryouts

Each tryout is 90 minutes and the cost is $25 cash each tryout. All players need to be registered before the tryout.  

Click Here to Register for Tryout

To tryout for another Association a Permission to Tryout form must be signed by your current Associations executive and given in at the first tryout.  A separate Tryout form needs to be filled out and signed for each association you are trying out for.  

(For SMGHA players wanting to tryout in another association, please send in your completed forms, one for each association you are trying out for,  to [email protected])

The link to this Form is on the OWHA site (see below)

On the form there is a section labelled. "tryouts hosted by" 

 Choices: enter the association name of where you are going 
              leave blank
              any OWHA association

You dont need to have separate PTT forms signed. Just print as many signed copies as you like. You do have to bring one to each association tryout 

Permission to Tryout

No recent or upcoming tryouts have been scheduled